Q & A

Q: Can I have a fire outside?
A: Each city has its own restrictions for recreational burning, please check with your city.
A: For specific restrictions on public lands please check out:

Q: Where do I get a burn permit?
A: Burn permits are administered through the Utah County Fire Marshal

Q: What can I do to prepare my home for wildfires?
A: There are many programs and resources available to you. You can contact your local fire department for tips and ideas or follow these links.
Firewise: http://firewise.org
Utah Fire Info: https://www.utahfireinfo.gov/prevention/protect_your_home.html
Ready Set Go: http://wildlandfirersg.org/
A: If you would like to schedule a presentation with your group (scouts, home owner’s association, church group, etc…) please contact us.

Q: Does UCFD take volunteers?
A: We do not take volunteers in the standard way; however, we do work with the community to provide ways in which you can make an impact in your specific community. Some examples could be to establish a firewise community, undertake fuel reduction projects, work with your HOA to establish smart regulations, create a community wildfire protection plan CWPP, etc… UCFD is willing to work with you and your community in any way possible to mitigate the threats of wildfire to your home.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Our hiring is outlined in the employment section.

Q: What training is required for wildland firefighting?
A: The initial training is a national system based on a 40 hour course. This course is taught throughout the year by various agencies. Utah Fire and Rescue Academy, Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, Utah County Fire (depending on needs of local agencies). In addition to the national standards, the State of Utah requires an additional written and manipulative test to be completed prior to certification.

Q: What are the physical requirements of wildland firefighting?
A: Wildland firefighting is an arduous career. UCFD recommends that individuals, interested in this type of work, maintain a high level of physical fitness. The national physical standard is called a “pack test.” This tests consists of a 3 mile hike with a 45 pound pack which needs to be completed in under 45 minutes. Additional info: https://www.fs.fed.us/fire/safety/wct/2002/pack_test_info_sheet.pdf

Q: What is UCFD’s response area?
A: UCFD responds to incidents throughout the county on state, private, and federal lands. In addition, UCFD responds to incidents throughout the nation.

Q: How do I report a fire?
A: (911 for your local area or report it through Northern Utah interagency Fire Center: 1-801-495-7600)