UCFD Wildland Engines

Utah County Fire utilizes a variety of wildland engines.  Fire engines are categorized based on their capabilities including: tank size, pump capability, number of firefighters, etc. . . Below is a list and capabilities of our current fleet of engines from smallest to largest.

UCFD Employs

2 type 6 brush trucks (4 wheel drive): These engines carry 250 gallons of water, seat 2-3 firefighters and have a pump capacity of 50-100 gpm. An advantage of these smaller trucks is the nimbleness in areas where bridge load limits and narrow roads may prohibit larger vehicles.

3 type 4 heavy brush trucks (4 wheel drive): These engines carry 750 gallons of water, seat 3 individuals, have foam capability, and a pump capacity of 50-100 gpm. These 4 wheel drive engines have been the work horses of our department for over a decade. The larger tanks of water enable prolonged engagement on a fire.

2 type 3 engines (4 wheel drive): The newest additions to our engine fleet were designed as a hybrid between structure and wildland firefighting, in order to work well within the Wildland Urban Interface (the area where wildland and infrastructure meet). Although these vehicles have 4 wheel drive capeabilities, the longer wheel base inhibits significant off road driving. The tanks carry 750 gallons of water but have the additional pump capacity of over 1000 gpm as well as CAF systems for foam delivery.

1 type 3 Tatra (6 wheel drive): Perhaps the most unique member of our fleet is the Tatra. This engine carries 2000 gallons of water, has CAFS foam capability, and has seating for six. This engine has advanced off road capabilities which make it a great tool for fighting desert fires and in areas where water is not as readily available.